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These items will not remain on the WEBSITE. 
The items I offer here are high/ great or 1:1 quality I make sure to inspect every single item when I receive them before I ship over to my customers. Quality is key to me and I would never want to send any defective item to you. 

TAT is always 4-6 Weeks for inspired preorders. However, I do try to get everything here before TAT. Please allow the full 6 weeks to go by before you reach out to me about an item. I do my best to reach out to you when your item is shipped and the TAT to me. I also try to send videos of your products prior to it being shipped to me, THIS IS ONLY BECAUSE I WANT TO NOT BECAUSE I HAVE TO! Please understand. I can’t wait for you to receive your item/items I know you’ll love it 🥰 

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